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Principal Bookkeeper

Dawn has a knack for numbers and they love her right back. Her razor-sharp skill is the fruit of years of experience working clients from a wide variety of diverse industries.

Calm and cool under pressure, Dawn’s the one you want at the helm if you get the dreaded Audit Letter. Unflappable and prepared, she brings her sense of humor and coffee-powered positive outlook to every encounter. Order out of chaos is her standard and she’s proud of it.

“I love to come to work, I love to see my clients, I love to make them happy. I even like Mondays.”

René Liri

Bookkeeper and First Mate

Bookkeeping can be a stressful puzzle for many, but putting the pieces together is something René loves. Since 2011, she’s been tidying things up and making them better for our clients, creating order where chaos once lived.

Rene’ is proficient in QuickBooks, an Excel genius (really!) and has a flair for turning snooze-worthy spreadsheets into dynamite reports when needed.

“I’m excited to be doing what I love, especially when it helps alleviate stress for a client! That’s my favorite.”

“Dawn and her team have been a joy to work with. They are knowledgeable, timely, and proactive. We couldn’t be happier!”