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Dawn has a knack for numbers and they love her right back. Her razor-sharp skill is the fruit of years of experience working with clients from a wide variety of diverse industries. 

Calm and cool under pressure, Dawn’s the one you want at the helm if you get the dreaded Audit Letter. Unflappable and prepared, she brings her sense of humor and coffee-powered positive outlook to every encounter. Order out of chaos is her standard and she’s proud of it.

“I love to come to work, I love to see my clients, I love to make them happy. I even like Mondays.”

René Liri

Bookkeeper and First Mate

Bookkeeping can be a stressful puzzle for many, but putting the pieces together is something René loves. Since 2011, she’s been tidying things up and making them better for our clients, creating order where chaos once lived. 

René is proficient in QuickBooks, an Excel genius (really!), and has a flair for turning snooze-worthy spreadsheets into dynamite reports when needed. 

“I’m excited to be doing what I love, especially when it helps alleviate stress for a client! That’s my favorite.”


Bookkeeper | Operations

Name the things, Kate does the things — and she makes us laugh while she’s at it! Mastery in Excel, Quickbooks, and Quickbooks Online are one thing, but her knack for a well-timed joke to diffuse the tension when a project looms large is why we can’t imagine life without her. 

No task list outlasts her proactive intensity, and her thoughtful solutions bring relief like a fresh-squeezed cocktail on an August afternoon. For the self-proclaimed ‘bar wench turned office maiden’, it’s the perfect fit. 

“I have the dream job I never knew I wanted with people who push me to be better every day.”

Alina Iofciu

Project Manager | Ringmaster

While inflatable sumo wrestling tournaments and Nerf archery shootouts aren’t part of our typical workflows, we’re happier every day knowing Alina could swing either one on short notice without missing a beat. 

She’s the guac to our tacos – an organizational powerhouse and resourcing ninja who’s moved us all from good to great with ambition and modesty. 

Thanks to her matchless communication skills, our clients are assured that every ring of a new circus will land the best possible outcome in her hands. We couldn’t be more grateful. 



A runner’s high is one thing, but the rush from scratching items off a well-made checklist is a close second for Lauren. She’s a dedicated problem-solver and relentless encourager for our team. Her ability to engage with new challenges and find joy in digging out efficient solutions makes her a tremendous resource for our clients, too. Working alongside strong-minded women to directly support local entrepreneurs is a place where her focus and drive meets passion – a perfect fit.

“The jobs I thrive in most are the ones in which I’m tasked with making the lives of those around me easier. Customer, employee, boss or other–that is rewarding work to me.”



Alicia’s arrival brought joyful energy and a settling presence to us all. She hit the right place and time so well that we swear we heard a giant “CLICK”! She excels in handling difficult situations for clients with grace and warmth. We trust that any project we throw at her will be dissected and resolved with a keen eye and laugh-out-loud vivacity along the way.

“I’m a sorting & organizing numbers nerd by nature, and being able to support entrepreneurs through this work is simply the best. I deeply appreciate their endless creativity and vision that helps make the world go round for the rest of us.”

“Dawn and her team have been a joy to work with. They are knowledgeable, timely, and proactive. We couldn’t be happier!”